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5 Most Common Types of Roof Damage in Raleigh, NC

Roofs take a lot of abuse, from heavy rains to the hot rays of the North Carolina sun. When roofs sustain damage, they can form leaks, holes, and all kinds of other problems. But to fix a roof properly or create an insurance claim, you need to know what kind of damage it has sustained. 

Here, as the best roof repair company in Raleigh, NC, Forever Exteriors discusses the most common types of roof damage that Raleigh, North Carolina, property owners could face.

#1 Wind Damage

Storms in North Carolina can cause strong winds that tear shingles and panels directly off the roof, exposing the underlying roof deck. And once these storms blow off roofing materials, the wind can cause more damage to the exposed portions beneath. Certain roofing materials are more fragile and more likely to experience wind damage, such as asphalt shingles.

#2 Water Damage

North Carolina can also get some heavy storms and torrential downpours. Roofs have gutter systems to remove excess water, but these can clog and leak over time. Excess water could also wash away the shingle granules and seep under roofing tiles, rotting the underlying wood and causing mold and algae to grow.

A combination of wind and water will also infiltrate other parts of the house, damaging ceilings, walls, flooring, and even house foundations. So, preventing water damage is crucial and may just be a matter of cleaning and maintaining your gutters.

#3 Heat Damage and UV Rays

Summer in Raleigh routinely reaches over 90 degrees, which is not only uncomfortable but can also damage your roofing. High heat and excess UV rays will fade, degrade, and even melt some roofing materials. For example, UV exposure can cause asphalt shingles to fade, making them less effective insulators and susceptible to damage. 

Thankfully, you can protect roofing materials by investing in roof coatings that reflect UV rays. 

#4 Impact Damage

Another possible cause of roof damage is physical impact, like falling tree branches, stones, or a hail storm. Sharp, heavy debris can hit your roof, crack tiles, or puncture synthetic membranes. 

In most cases, damages will be noticeable, but it’s easy to miss an unseen puncture in your roof. The most efficient method for managing potential impact damage would be regular roof inspections to identify any holes or cracks. 

#5 Mold and Algae

As organic matter that’s ubiquitous, mold and algae are two of the most serious causes of roof damage in Marietta, Georgia. They love moisture and heat, so in this humidity, they quickly spread into attics, ceilings, and walls.

Mold is particularly pernicious and poses a serious health hazard with a wide range of symptoms. Getting rid of it needs quick action, including possibly replacing the affected areas of the roof.

Reliable Roofing Services to the Rescue in Raleigh, NC!

Whether it's storm damage or something else, Raleigh’s climate demands local experts with the skills and knowledge to provide a full replacement or repairs if your roof is going to last.

All types of roof damage require professional attention. Why not contact Forever Exteriors to schedule an appointment in Raleigh, NC, today?

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