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Who Replaces Fascia Boards in Raleigh, NC?

Several materials make up your roof to provide you with safe shelter. While most people think that shingles, gutters, or chimneys form the primary parts of a roof, the soffits and fascia boards are integral parts of the structure. These components protect the roof from water damage, so it's important to schedule maintenance-free soffit and fascia installation in Raleigh, NC

Knowing who replaces fascia boards can make this process much easier. Learn who to call when you need new soffits or fascia boards, why these pieces are so important, and what to expect during the installation process. 

What Are Fascia Boards and Soffits?

Your roof's soffits and fascia board represent the unsung heroes that protect the structure from damage. The fascia board refers to a piece of material that runs the length of your roof along the eaves. Usually made of vinyl, wood, aluminum, or composite material, it supports the gutter system as it fills with water. These boards protect the eave of the roof from water, debris, and pests. 

Soffit boards sit under the roof's overhang portion. They promote steady airflow and protect the undersides of the rafters. You can replace your fascia without replacing the soffits and vice versa. However, if one component has damage, it may be wise to replace both at the same time. 

How To Find Someone Who Replaces Fascia Boards and Soffits in Raleigh

Experienced roofers will be able to replace your damaged fascia board and soffits. These professionals know how to tear off each piece, measure the material, and install new pieces. Tips that can help you in your search for a contractor include:

  • Look for companies that specialize in roof repairs and home exterior repairs.
  • Get references from loved ones or check out online reviews. 
  • Ask a prospective contractor for photos of their complete projects. 
  • Request quotes and ask about workmanship warranties. 

Once you find a contractor that checks off all these boxes, you can proceed with the project. A qualified expert will provide you with brand-new materials that support your roof. 

Signs You Need To Replace Your Fascia Board

Your roof could be in need of a new fascia board if you notice mold or visible rotting. Since these boards connect to the gutters and help divert water away from the roof, they could sprout mold or mildew. The damage could overtake most of the board or only small sections. 

Wooden fascia boards can rot with exposure to the outside elements, as well as pests like termites. If you touch a piece of the board and it crumbles, you'll have to enlist a professional to replace it. 

Let Forever Exteriors Enhance Your Roofing System

Hiring a contractor who replaces fascia boards can improve the quality of your entire roof. Whether you need a new fascia or want to know more about replacing the soffit without removing the fascia, FOREVER Exteriors can help. Contact their roofing specialists today to receive a project estimate and schedule a consultation.

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