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What To Expect From Home Roofing Repair After the Storm in Eau Claire, WI

Storms are harsh on roofing systems. As soon as one passes, the intuitive thing to do is to check if your roof sustained damage due to high winds, hail, or fallen tree branches. If you spot any of these types of damage, you’ll need to call in technicians to restore your home’s structural integrity.

What happens during the home roofing repair process? Forever Exteriors, the premier choice for storm damage roof repair in Eau Claire, WI, discusses what you can expect from the process.

Initial Inspection

Any home roofing repair contractor will start the storm damage repair process by thoroughly evaluating your roof. The inspection aims to determine what damage you’re dealing with.

Roofing technicians can find obvious signs of damage, such as wind damage. However, they can also spot not-so-obvious signs, such as hail damage. The results of the evaluation will determine how they proceed with the repairs.

Damage Documentation

The home roofing repair technician will take photos and capture videos of the damage during the inspection. The images will form a part of the damage report they will present to you. Additionally, the documentation will be useful if you need to file an insurance claim as a part of the repair process.

Estimate Delivery

After the inspection and documentation, your roofing technician will prepare an estimate for the repairs. Depending on the extent of the damage, the estimate may feature two parts.

The first part will cover the temporary repairs necessary to protect your home from further damage from the elements.

The second part will cover the main repairs necessary to restore your roof’s structural integrity. If the damage was extensive (covering more than 30% of the roof system), this second part of your estimate may be about a roof replacement.

If you approve the estimate, the repairs can begin.

Temporary Roof Repairs

The first stage of the repairs involves covering exposed parts of your roof with tarps or covering sections to prevent water leaks.  

After the roofing contractor is certain that your home is safe from further damage and not completely exposed to the elements, work can begin on the major home roofing repair or replacement project.

Permanent Roof Repairs or Replacement

On the day of the repairs or replacement, the technician will arrive with the right roof materials and a bigger crew to either fix your roof permanently or install a new one.  

New roofs with shingle damage, or other types of damage to the top layer, are easier to fix. Aged roofs or systems that have suffered extensive damage almost always require a replacement.

If you need a replacement, the technician will discuss your options extensively before delivering your estimate. The right replacement roof for you depends on your budget and personal preferences.

Get Expert Storm Damage Repair Services From Forever Exteriors

If your roof is leaking during a storm, it’s easy to become desperate for repairs after the storm passes. Avoid working with storm chasers. Reach out to an experienced home roofing repair company with a local presence in Eau Claire, WI.

Contact Forever Exteriors today to schedule a consultation.

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