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What to Do if Your Roof Is Leaking During a Storm in Eau Claire, WI

The rain is pouring down, and suddenly you notice a puddle forming and water dripping from the ceiling. What now? Don’t panic, but instead follow Forever Exteriors’ advice on what to do if the roof is leaking during a storm. These tips from the experts in storm damage roof repair in Eau Claire, WI, can help prevent water damage from spreading and provide a temporary fix until you can call a roofing company for help.

Protect Your Home Interior

Stopping water damage when you have an active leak starts with protecting your ceilings, floors, furniture, and belongings. 

Typically, water enters through the roof and pools in the attic, where it looks for an escape route. That’s usually a light fixture, heating register, corner, ceiling joint, or several of these spots. You may even think you have multiple leaks.

Wherever the water enters, try to direct it to one place and collect it in a bucket or other receptacle. If you notice a bubble or swollen spot on the ceiling or wall, use a screwdriver to poke a hole in the center of it. Doing so creates a single water stream from the attic, limiting the damage to one area. 

Be sure to move any furnishings or other items away from the leak, too. Lay a tarp or garbage bag on the floor underneath whatever you’re using to catch the water to keep drips and puddles from harming the flooring.

Find the Source of the Leak 

What’s not on the list of what to do if your roof is leaking during a storm? Climbing up on it. Finding the source of the leak isn’t as important as staying safe, so leave the ladder in the garage and check for damage from the attic or the ground. 

Some of the things to look for outside include:

  • Missing shingles
  • Missing flashing around the chimney, vents, or roof valleys
  • Clogged or damaged gutters 
  • Debris on the roof  

In the attic, you may be able to see where the water is coming in, but keep in mind that the active leak may be somewhere other than where the water shows up inside. Look for damage on the underside of the sheathing, along the rafters, and in the insulation. If you locate where the water’s coming from, put a bucket under it to collect it.

Call Forever Exteriors for Fast Roof Repair in Eau Claire, WI

If you aren’t sure what to do if the roof is leaking during a storm, and need fast, professional help, call Forever Exteriors in Eau Claire, WI. The experienced team will be there quickly to solve the residential or commercial roofing problem and stop water damage. 

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