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Should You Remove Old Siding Before Installing a New One?

When fixing up the exterior of a property, should you remove old siding before installing new siding? After all, won’t double the siding work better? Not exactly.

Removing old siding is usually the better choice, but there’s more to it than meets the eye. Below, Forever Exteriors, Eau Claire’s expert siding installation team, discusses why they recommend always removing old siding before installing replacement siding material.

Removing Old Siding Allows You to Inspect for Wood Rot

Yes, removing old siding before installing new material in its place is always the best option. Why? Homes require a specific amount of siding for maximum energy efficiency and comfort, and extra layers of subpar materials eat into these benefits. 

However, the main reason to remove old siding first is to check the underlying material for damage. For example, wood rot is a common problem that occurs when the siding traps moisture underneath it. Unfortunately, it spreads quickly, so stripping the old wood siding helps identify potential wood rot issues so that Eau Claire property owners can take immediate steps to remove it.

Removing Old Siding Reveals Pests and Other Infestations

Another reason to remove the old siding before installing any new siding is to look for potential pests. Several types of pests, like ants, termites, spiders, and beetles, get into the siding, make nests, and cause damage. In particular, termites can cause massive damage if they get into the siding and eat the wood.

Also, papering over pest-infested siding with new siding doesn’t work. This approach only ensures the pests will damage the new layer, too.

Removing Old Siding Could Prevent Future Water Damage

Siding needs a tight seal against the sheathing to keep water out of your property. But placing new siding directly over old material easily creates small pockets that lead to a moisture problem. These pockets of water can cause fiber cement siding to bulge and bubble while it eats and rots it from the inside. 

Proper siding removal solves this problem, ensuring the brand-new siding sits flush and watertight to prevent any future water damage. 

Removing Old Siding First Will Get Cleaner Results Overall

Does putting up new siding over old siding save time or money? No, it might even cost more if unseen water damage, rot, or pest infestations then damage the new material. Plus, installing new materials over old ones always looks rough and uneven!

As the old siding shifts with deterioration or exposure, it will take the new siding with it. At some point, you’ll have to take off the new siding to remove the old siding, so why not do it at the start?

Should You Remove Old Siding Before Installing New Siding in Eau Claire, WI? Yes!

Should you remove old siding before installing new replacements if there’s no other repair work involved? Yes, but you can find out more from professionals like Forever Exteriors. Whether you need soffit and fascia installation or want to replace your entire roof, their knowledge is invaluable.

Contact Forever Exteriors today for siding replacement or repair in Eau Claire, WI, and the surrounding communities!

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