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Is a Black Metal Roof a Bad Idea?

Metal roofs are getting increasingly popular with new homeowners thanks to their durability and decidedly modern aesthetic. Black metal roofs in particular give off an air of sophistication. Of course, homeowners might be worried about heat and so wonder: is a black metal roof a bad idea? The team at Forever Exteriors is here to talk about the pros and cons of black metal roofing.  

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Black Metal Roofs: What Are They?

Black metal roofs refer specifically to roofs that are made out of black steel, not metal roofs that are just painted black with latex or acrylic paint. Black steel goes through a different tempering process to produce the characteristic black sheen and has some different properties from black-painted metal roofs. Specifically, black steel is galvanized to create a layer of magnetite and iron oxide on top that produces the black coloring. You can certainly paint a differently colored metal roof black, but it might not have the same luster and coloring that a black steel roof has. 

Black Metal Roofing Pros & Cons

So, is a black metal roof a bad idea? Well, like any kind of roof, there are both advantages and disadvantages.


Some of the advantages include the following.


Black steel has an extremely striking and sophisticated look that is right at home with modern house designs. Black steel is highly polished and provides a unique luster that is hard to match with simply painted roofs. 


Metal is incredibly durable and can shrug off lots of things that might damage roofs made with other materials. Black steel is resistant to impacts, corrosion, and erosion. If you live in an area with inclement weather and heavy storms, a black metal roof can bear the worst of it and still come back for more. 

Long Lifespan

Metal roofs also have very long lifespans. The typical metal roof can last about 50 to 70 years on average — longer if you take really good care of it. That means that metal roofs are a good choice from an investment prospect, as you get a lot of mileage out of them. 

Easy Maintenance

Metal roofs are also very easy to clean and maintain. You can power wash metal roofs and metal won’t get damaged by common cleaning soaps and detergents. Also, the black color hides imperfections like dirt, scratches, and dents so you can go longer between roof cleaning appointments. 


Some cons of black metal roofs include the following.


Metal roofs are among the pricier roofing options to buy and install and are more expensive than asphalt, stone, tile, and membrane roofs. However, the higher cost is balanced by their durability and lifespan. 


Metal is a heavy material, so your roof may need additional modifications to support the entire weight. These modifications may make it take longer to get your roof installed. 


Metal is prone to scratching and denting, but the extent of these problems depends on other factors, such as the type of roof coating. 

Energy Efficiency

Black absorbs more heat, so a black metal roof will be hotter than another type of metal roof with another color. However, this does not necessarily mean higher energy bills. Modern metal roofs have a special reflective coating and advanced insulation and ventilation underneath that can greatly improve metal’s energy efficiency. This problem can be slightly averted if you have solar panels on your roof. 


Metal roofing can be noisy, especially during storms with heavy rain or hail. Fortunately, metal roofs have layers of insulation meant to dampen any sounds. 

Does Black Metal Fade?

One nice feature about black metal is that it doesn’t fade as much in the sun as painted metal does. UV rays from the sun can break down pigment in black paint, causing it to fade and turn a grayish color over time. Black metal does still fade when exposed to direct sunlight for extended periods, but it is less noticeable as the coloring is not due to paint pigment but due to the metal's galvanized molecular structure.

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So, is a black metal roof a bad idea? The answer is no, black metal roofs are certainly a good idea and totally worth the cost. Black metal provides a sophisticated look that will last a long time.

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