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How To Stop Ponding Water on Your Flat Roof in Raleigh, NC?

After periods of heavy rain, your commercial roof may have several inches of standing water. Flat roofs tend to have excess moisture since they have no slope for water to flow down. Business owners often have to deal with ponding water on flat roofs, but thankfully, they can minimize damage with a few simple steps. 

This guide uncovers what to do to prevent excess water on your roof. For additional assistance, contact FOREVER Exteriors for reliable roof repairs in Raleigh, NC.

Dangers of Standing Water on Rooftops

Many residential homes with sloped roofs rely on gutter systems to transfer rainwater or snowmelt safely to the ground. However, commercial buildings and properties with flat roofs need extra help to remove moisture. When water ponds on a flat roof with nowhere to go, it will gradually seep into the membrane underneath. 

Large amounts of moisture can ruin the roofing material and eventually leak into the building. When this happens, your property is more susceptible to:

  • Water damage
  • Mold growth
  • Structural damage

You need to address the problem quickly to minimize the damage. In severe cases, the roof may be beyond repair and require replacement. Learn the right tips to avoid this issue. 

Add More Drains

If you consistently deal with ponding water on flat roof systems, the problem may lie with insufficient drainage. Since flat roofs don't have enough of a slope to remove excess water, they rely on drains to keep them dry. Installing additional drains can solve the problem, especially if contractors find the existing layout doesn't follow local Raleigh codes. 

Clean the Drains

You may not need to add extra drains to the roof. Water can collect because the existing drains have debris blocking them. Twigs, leaves, and other items can clog up the rooftop drains, so water flows much slower than normal. Over time, standing water can put extra weight and pressure on that part of the roof and cause it to sag. 

Having a professional clear out any debris from the drains will restore the flow of water. 

Maintain the Roof's Membrane

Flat roofs use a synthetic membrane material as their core protective layer. These membranes are often water-resistant but not entirely waterproof. As a result, moisture can penetrate the material and cause major structural damage. 

You may need to replace the membrane depending on the extent of the damage. A great way to prevent this issue is by scheduling preventative maintenance every year. A skilled roofer can inspect the membrane for moisture and recommend repairs, if necessary before the problem escalates. 

Contact Forever Exteriors—Trusted Roofers Serving Raleigh, NC

If you often experience ponding water on flat roofing, reach out to the experts at FOREVER Exteriors. They can inspect your roof for damage and provide lasting solutions. When it comes to hiring a roofing contractor in Raleigh, don't hesitate any longer and compromise the quality of your roof. Contact FOREVER Exteriors today to receive a project estimate. 

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