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How To Overlap Metal Roofing the Right Way in Eau Claire, WI

Homeowners throughout Eau Claire have begun resorting to metal roofing. Not only does this material prove extremely durable and weather-resistant, but it's also energy-efficient and easy to install. This leads many to believe they can install metal roofing over their existing material without issue, though the process is best left to the professionals. 

This guide explains how to overlap metal roofing properly. If this project appeals to you, reach out to one of the most trusted roofing companies in Eau Claire, WI, for a consultation. 

Measure the Roof

Before roofers can place any metal panels over your existing material, they need to measure the entire roof. Accuracy is paramount; otherwise, they may not order enough material and cause delays in the project. Measuring the roof several times provides roofers with the information they need when calculating how many panels to order. 

Experienced roofers should also account for enough paneling to hang over the eaves of the roof. A house with a gutter system should only need about an inch to an inch and a half of metal overhang. Homes without gutters should have two to three inches of paneling over the edge. 

Before proceeding with the installation, consider having a gutter inspection. Faulty gutters can lead to structural damage and possible roof repairs. Avoid this hassle by having a professional assess the condition of your gutters. 

Install Panels From the Bottom

Knowing how to overlap metal roofing means you should always start from the bottom of the roof. Installation crews do this with the goal of keeping moisture away from the underlayment. By letting the top metal panels overlap the rest of the roof's slope, it diverts water away from the roof. 

Secure Metal Sheets

Once the panels are in place, roofers must secure them with screws. This process requires precision and accuracy. Even the smallest gaps in the screw holes can allow water to seep in. The roof may incur water damage if installers aren't thorough during this step. 

Mistakes To Avoid

If you attempt this work as a DIY project, you could compromise your roof by making a few common mistakes. Hiring a professional ensures each panel is placed correctly.

Experts know that each roof needs sufficient overlap, or else water can flow beneath the panels. Each metal sheet should overlap by at least one groove horizontally and six inches vertically. This protects the roof from severe weather damage. 

While it's important to secure the sheets, it's also possible to screw them in too tight. This can warp the metal if you aren't careful. Over-tightening the screws in too many places can compromise the quality of the roof. 

Receive High-Quality Metal Roofing From FOREVER Exteriors

Now that you know how to overlap metal roofing correctly, make sure you have experts taking charge of this roofing project. FOREVER Exteriors proudly installs and repairs metal roofs throughout Eau Claire, WI, and the surrounding communities. They specialize in popular types of commercial roofing as well as common residential roofing materials. 

Contact their experts today to schedule a consultation.

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