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How To Get Rid of Black Mold on the Roof of Your Raleigh Home

If you're like most Raleigh homeowners, you know having mold inside or on your house isn't desirable. Despite mold spores being everywhere indoors and outside, fungal colonies are destructive, and black mold can be harmful to your health. 

Knowing how to get rid of black mold on roofs will help you protect your home and the health of those in your household. As a top provider of roof repairs in Raleigh, NC, Forever Exteriors and their roofing experts share the best tips for preventing and removing mold from your roof.

How To Get Rid of Black Mold on Raleigh Roofs

If you want to know how to get rid of black mold on roofs, you should first learn why you should be wary of a mold problem anywhere in your Raleigh home. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, most mold is harmless to people, but touching or breathing in spores can cause reactions in people with mold sensitivities immediately or as a delayed reaction. 

Allergic reactions include skin, nose, and eye irritation. Even those without allergies can experience respiratory illnesses with persistent exposure to high mold concentrations. Black molds are toxigenic and can cause more serious health complications.  

Regarding roofing, mold can weaken roofing shingles and reduce the system's structural integrity, leaving you and your family vulnerable to extensive roof damage. Mold spreads quickly because their microscopic mold gets everywhere, which means a mold problem on your roof can quickly become an indoor mold issue.

Consider the following tips to get mold off of your roof and prevent it from returning. 

Clean the Roof Using a Bleach Solution

With the right tools, techniques, and safety precautions, you can remove mold from your roof in Raleigh using a bleach solution. Unfortunately, bleach is toxic to plants, so you must cover plants, furniture, and other items around your home's exterior with plastic to shield them as the bleach solution flows off the roof. Spraying the surrounding grass, plants, and soil with water before treating your roof can also lessen the effects of the bleach. 

To start, gather the materials you'll need for the job:

  • Slip-resistant footwear
  • A garden hose with a pump sprayer
  • Rubber gloves
  • Breathing mask
  • Chlorine bleach
  • Water
  • Trisodium phosphate

After putting on your protective gear, carefully mix one-quarter part chlorine bleach with three-quarter parts water in a bucket or container. Add a tablespoon of trisodium phosphate to the solution.

Trisodium phosphate is a chemical powder cleaner that effectively removes traces of smoke, soot, grease, grime, and other tough deposits from surfaces. It also works well against mold on roofs. 

Use the garden hose and sprayer to apply the bleach solution generously over all moldy shingles. After letting the solution sit on the roof for about 30 minutes, take the sprayer off the hose and use low water pressure to rinse the roof. Start rinsing from the highest point of your house and work your way down the roof. 

Cleaning your roof with a bleach solution might be a good way to remove mold. However, maneuvering across the roof can be dangerous, especially if the shingles are wet and lack roofing experience. It may be better to contact a roofing company to complete the job. 

Apply Fungicide to Roof Shingles

A fungicide application is another great way to get black mold off your roof. Unlike bleach, which is corrosive and could affect the landscape around your roof if you don't take necessary precautions, fungicides are generally safe. 

Despite the safety and effectiveness of fungicides for treating mold, it's best to contact a qualified roofing company to apply the product instead of doing it yourself. These professionals know how to get rid of black mold on roofs using fungicides while ensuring the remaining spores don't grow additional colonies. 

Get Roof Repair or Replacement

Mold thrives in moist environments, and your roof could be a surprise hiding place for moisture. For instance, your asphalt shingles might be loose or curled, allowing water to seep underneath them. Your roof could also have storm damage, penetrations, or degraded flashing that can let moisture inside the roofing system's underlayment. 

One of the best things to do as a Raleigh homeowner is schedule roof repairs as soon as you know they're necessary. The longer you wait to fix the damage, the more likely your roof will retain moisture and harbor mold. 

If your mold problem is extensive or covers a majority of your roof, your roofing company might recommend replacing the structure. A premature roof replacement is a costly and extreme solution, albeit sometimes necessary, so it's best to prevent mold from growing on your roof and get timely leak repair. 

Dehumidify the Affected Area

A humid roof and attic can expedite mold growth indoors and outside. After repairing roof leaks, consider installing a dehumidifier for the attic space to prevent mold.

Removing excess moisture won't remove existing mold. Still, it will make your roof less habitable for colonies and slow existing growth. 

Schedule Professional Roof Maintenance

Prevention is the best way to keep your Raleigh home and roof mold-free. Roofing companies in the area have years of experience identifying and treating mold problems on rooftops. They know how to get rid of black mold on roofs safely, quickly, and efficiently while preventing the spread of potentially harmful fungi spores. 

Roofing contractors also have ample knowledge and training to spot roofing issues that contribute to mold. If they identify a problem, they can fix it. 

Keep Your Raleigh Roof Clean and Functional With Expert Help

Even if you know how to get rid of black mold on roofs, it still helps to have a professional roofing company on your side. Forever Exteriors proudly offers world-class roofing services to residents throughout Raleigh, North Carolina, and the neighboring communities. Their skilled and experienced contractors work on all residential roofing projects regardless of size, scope, and preferences. 

If your soffits need to be vented or you need roof leak repair, they have the tools and expertise to handle the job — book an appointment with the Forever Exteriors crew today. 

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