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How to Fix the Gap Between Your Roof and Gutter

A sturdy gutter and downspout system is a necessary part of your home's exterior. As rainwater and snowmelt flow off of the roof, the water should go into the gutter channels and out of the downspouts to prevent the moisture from soaking into the building's foundation or siding.

Unfortunately, too much space between the roof's edge and gutters can be problematic. Knowing how to fix the gap between roof and gutter systems can prevent costly property damage. 

As a provider of trusted roof repair in Eau Claire, WI, Forever Exteriors often helps clients with gaps between their roofs and gutters. Knowing why gaps are present and what you can do about them can extend a roof's lifespan. 

Why a Gap Between Gutter and Roofing Systems Exist

Too much space between a gutter and roofing elements can prevent water from effectively flowing into the proper channels and away from the property. As a result of the added space, water from the roof could leak into the house through the roofing, siding, or foundation, causing substantial water damage to the home's interior and foundational supports. 

Part of knowing how to fix the gap between a roof and a gutter is understanding why the problem exists. Below are the common reasons for gaps between roofs and gutters:

  • Sagging Gutters: Sometimes gutters will sag due to insufficient support brackets and screws or other damage. Both problems can cause gutters to pull away from the house. 
  • Builder's Gap: A builder's gap is a common problem where roof installers don't level the roof's decking with its fascia boards that hold the gutters. Sometimes, roofers will intentionally add a builder's gap to provide attic ventilation, yet it can also cause leaks. 
  • Poor Roof and Gutter Installation: Often, a too-wide space between roofing elements and gutters stems from improper installation of one or both features.

Tips for Fixing Spaces Between Roofs and Gutters

Water leaks aren't the only problem you could encounter if a gap forms between your roof and gutters. Other issues include:

  • Downspout misalignment
  • Foundational cracks and other damage
  • Mold and mildew growth
  • Overflowing gutters
  • Attic insulation damage
  • Reduced curb appeal
  • Pest infestation

Learn how to fix the gap between a roof and a gutter with these effective techniques.

Invest in a Gutter Guard

Though roof maintenance includes annual or twice-yearly guttering cleaning, a gutter guard can reduce the amount of debris that collects inside the channels. Sealing the gap between the roof and the gutter using silicone caulk and installing a gutter guard will reduce the risk of water damage due to leaks.

The caulk will bridge the gap while the gutter guard keeps the channels clear and clog-free. The guard will help the gutters do their job more efficiently. 

Use Drip Edges

Drip edge flashing refers to metal strips that a roofing contractor can install under the shingles along the edge of a roof. The flashing fits over the gutter and helps water enter the channels. Though drip edges don't repair spaces between roofs and gutters, they will cover them to help direct water to the proper location in the gutters. 

Drip edges are great for minimizing water leak risks. Still, it's best to resolve the gap problem with a long-term solution to ensure optimal roof leak protection.

Add a Waterproof Membrane

One of the best ways to safeguard your home against water intrusion is to use a waterproofing membrane. These materials can consist of rubber, PVC, asphalt, or polyurethane. They're effective against leaks because they prevent water from penetrating roofs, foundations, walls, and interior spaces. 

Even if your roof and gutters have a gap, the likelihood of major water intrusion and property damage is less than if your home didn't have any extra protection. Contractors can install the waterproofing membrane in your home's most vulnerable spots including the roof, giving your property long-term protection against water damage. 

Replace the Gutters

If the gap exists because of faulty gutters, it's best to replace them. When replacing the gutters, replacing damaged flashing or adding sealant to cover holes or gaps may also be necessary. 

Resolve Your Roofing Issues Today with Forever Exteriors

Despite knowing how to fix a gap between a roof and gutters, the dangers of DIY roof repair are plentiful. That's why homeowners and commercial property owners trust the professionals at Forever Exteriors, a premier roofing contractor in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. 

This family-owned and operated company provides outstanding commercial and residential roofing services, including roof repair and replacement. The crew also offers free video assessments and financing. Contact Forever Exteriors in Eau Claire today for an appointment.

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