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4 Things to Know When Hiring a Roofing Contractor in Raleigh

If your property's roof has a leak and needs repair, or it's been in place since the early 90s, you want to hire the most experienced and reliable roofing contractors possible to restore it to like-new condition. This work is too important to leave in the hands of just any company, so do some homework to ensure that the people working can make professional roof repairs in Raleigh, NC.  

Not sure what to look for? Follow these tips when hiring a roofing contractor to ensure you get the best service and results, whether the structure needs repairing or replacing. 

1. Evaluate Their Experience and Process 

When hiring a roofer, choose one with experience working on buildings similar to yours. Find local companies with the knowledge and skills to work on several types of roofing and request a consultation from a couple of them to find the right fit. Select the company that knows how to work with your roof material and style.

Part of evaluating a Raleigh roofing company and whether it’s right for your project is learning about their experience. Understand their workflow and policies, the materials and processes they use for roofing installation, and the protections and guarantees they offer. Be clear on the exact services the quote includes; for example, most companies take care of cleanup and disposal, but not all do. 

2. Check Their Credentials 

Hiring a roofing contractor means letting workers up onto your roof and trusting them to repair or replace one of the most important elements of your home’s structure. Before letting anyone on a ladder, make sure that the company has the credentials to perform this work legally and safely. Hiring a roofer without a license or adequate insurance coverage will leave you on the hook financially if anything goes wrong during the project, such as a worker injury.

3. Address Insurance Concerns

In addition to having insurance coverage, you need to hire a company that will assist you with a homeowner's claim if your insurer is paying for the work. Ideally, the contractor should inspect the damage to support your claim, then work with you and the insurance company to ensure your policy covers the necessary repairs. 

4. Compare Warranties 

Any company you work with for any home improvement should stand behind their work. Look for roofers who back up the manufacturer’s warranties with an installation guarantee with clear guidelines and information about applicable restrictions or limitations. 

Choose Forever Exteriors in Raleigh 

Raleigh, NC, residents who need to fix or replace residential or commercial roofing can save time by choosing Forever Exteriors. As Central North Carolina's most experienced construction crew, the family-owned company has the skills, license, insurance, and customer service guarantee you’re looking for when hiring a roofing contractor. Schedule a consultation now.

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